Zelda Triforce



Coffee stain portrait by Hong Yi

O.rka_ Moriquendi [ft. Big Sean, Rick Ross, Latarian Milton]

check out my new track. worked on it for a while i think it flows well. i’d appreciate a play or two ;)

A message from cuttingpractice
I put up your Toni Braxton tribute on my blog. I love her, and I thought the remix was great. Thanks man.

I really appreciate it. That is the unmastered version . I’m comin out with a couple of new tracks soon . Thanks for the reblog. Have you heard of soulection ? It’s a record label playing at coachella . They just reposted my song on soundcloud and they have some really good stuff on their soundcloud

hey who ever likes the stuff i post on my blog …

i decided to start a clean slate with my music career under the name of


here is the new song that I felt is worthy of release

i’d appreciate some feedback :)